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The 2000 MOMAR Awards

Best Sponsor Award with special Beer Glass
- David “Momar” Darr

Momar Softball Hall of Fame Roll Call
1996: LaVern Hericks
1997: David Darr
1998: Kim Sheridan
1999: Rich Olson

Mark Collins, Popcorn Flick Award
- Mark Collins

Momar oh Momar, Where for art thou? Award
- Marla Collins

Did We Play Softball this Summer?
- Judy “New Mama” Olson

I’d Love to be there but... Award
- Lisa Hassing, Karen Javurek, Shaun Leslie, Cory Sommer, Matt Welage and Tammy Williamson.

GPR Award ( Outstanding Attendance Award )
- Mark “New Guy” Riley

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie GPR Award
- Lucy “Lizard” Stearns

1995 Grace Under Pressure Award
- Greg “Poser” Stewart

Fan Appreciation Awards
- Ron Cardinal

Other Fans
- Stephanie Sommer

Little Fans
- Rachel, Brianna, Austin, Melanie, Amanda, Danielle, Tiffany and Angie and Stacy.

Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants Award
- Katie Stewart as “Flunky Pizzasniffer”

Lydia The Tattooed Lady Award
- Lucy “Lydia” Stearns

Social Score Award
- Paula “Shine/Move” Halbach

Powerized Louisville Slugger Award
- Missy “Doubles” Thole

First To Leave (FTL) Award
- LaVern “Baby Sitter” Hericks

Pick a Card, Any Card Award
- Rich “8” Olson

OK, OK, OK! I’ll Score that one a Hit Award
- Alan “The Word” Cochran

Queen Filler Award with special Momars Filler Queen Crown
- Kim “Queen” Sheridan

Big Red Jug Award
- Jennifer “Green Juice” Jager

ROYGBV, Momars Technology in the Year 2000 Award

- Mark “Capacitor” Riley

LaVern Award
- Sue “Candles” Thole
Accepting for Sue Thole was LaVern Hericks

Amber Waves of Grain Award with special FROSTY CAP
- Tom “Sparky” Mattox

The Momar 2000 Hall of Fame Award
- Paula Halbach

Thanks to:
Mark Riley for the buzzer
Rich Olson for running the show and the Matchbooks
Paula Halbach and Kim Sheridan for organizing our bowling outing
And to all that offered help

Special Thanks to:
Jeniffer Jager for the crown, the beads, the sponsor glass and an endless list of things

Last but not least:

Thanks to all who make this party what it is, and without you, it just wouldn’t be any fun…

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