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The 2001 MOMAR Awards

Best Sponsor Award with a special WWW.MOMARS.COM Tee-shirt
- David “Momar” Darr

Momar Softball Hall of Fame Roll Call
1996: LaVern Hericks
1997: David Darr
1998: Kim Sheridan
1999: Rich Olson
2000: Paula Halbach

Mark Collins, Popcorn Flick Award
- Mark Collins

Momar oh Momar, Where for art thou? Award
- Marla Collins

Did We Play Softball this Summer?
- Judy “Takin' Care of Jack” Olson

I’d Love to be there but... Award
-  Shaun Leslie

GPR Award ( Outstanding Attendance Award )
- Mark “New Guy” Riley, LaVern “Shooter” Hericks and Tom “Sparky” Mattox

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie GPR Award
- David “Momar” Darr and Katie “Spanky” Stewart

1995 New Horizon Award
- Chis “Fly Gal” Hoepner

Fan Appreciation Awards
- Ron Cardinal and Dale Hoepner

Other Fans
- Rick and Diesel ( Shaunies Hubby and Dog )

Smaller Fans
- Rachel, Brianna, Melanie, Amanda, Danielle, Tiffany, Charlie and Kyle

Yeah, That’s My Freakin’ Nickname Award
- Alan “Bookie” Cochran

1995 Mario Andretti Furthest from Home Award
- Matt Welage - of Stacy, Minnesota

Really, I’m Only 28 Award
- Karen “28” Javurek

LaVern Award
- Sue “Candles” Thole

You Can Take Me Anywhere Award
- Rich “Anywhere” Olson

1996 Tut Tut it Looks like Rain, What the Hell lets go to the Bar Award
- LaVern “Shooter” Hericks

Hammerin’ Hank Home Run Award
- Lisa “USA” Hassing

1997 Bob Uecker Catcher of the Year Award
- Lucy “Lizard” Stearns

First To Leave (FTL) Award
- Lisa “FTL” Hassing and Kim “FTL” Cardinal

Pick a Card, Any Card Award
- Missy “8” Thole

If You Build It, They Will Come Award
- Mark “Gizmo” Riley

Queen Filler Award
- Kim “Queen” Cardinal

Rover, Red Rover Award
- Cory “Where’s he playing?” Sommer

Big Red Jug Award
- Paula “Hop Skip” Halbach

George Corporaal’s Glass Service Company Award
- Jen “Passenger Side” Jager

The Momar 2001 Hall of Fame Award
- Tom Mattox

Thanks to:
Mark Riley for continual buzzer help
Lucy Stearns for a box of Simeks stakes
Rich Olson and Paula Halbach for running the show
And to all that offered help

Special Thanks to:
Those who conspired to change the Hall of Fame Award
Jeniffer Jager for an endless list of things

Last but not least:

Thanks to all who make this party what it is, and without you, it just wouldn’t be any fun…

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