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Who is BUCKY?

The following is an excerpt from the 1997 Awards Banquet:

"Behind every great team, there is great woman. No, no, that's not quite right. What I meant to say was, that woman with the great behind. No, no, that's not quite either. I meant to say was, that behind that woman with the great wahoos. Let me try this once again. Behind every great team, there is a great wahoo. That's not quite it, but hopefully you get the picture."

"You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?"

"What I am trying to say, and not succeeding terribly well I might add, is that I think we suffer from some sort of identity crisis. Who is our Wahoo? Not where's Waldo. Where's our Wahoo. Everybody knows who Wahoo is, don't you? Chief Wahoo is the character on the Cleveland Indians baseball cap. Yes, you can argue that he's not politically correct. People should not be mascots. I'm using dear Chief Wahoo strictly as a example. Nothing more. I think, what we need, is a Wahoo."

"History lesson, history lesson. Kenesaw Mountain Landis banned the Black Sox from baseball. Happy Chandler integrated black ballplayers into the major leagues. Pete Rozelle forever changed the face of sports by signing the first television contract. And now, I stand before you, on the threshold of history, about to revolutionize Momars Softball forevermore. It is at this time, that I have, once again, the very distinguished honor to unveil to all of you, Momars answer to Wahoo. Ladies and Gentleman. Boys and Girls. Cowboys and Indians. If you would like to take pictures of this momentous occasion, please feel free. I am sure that this is going to be something you are going to want to tell your grand kids about. And you will be able to say you were there for the debut of...Bucky."

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