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April 20 1999.


How you been? Nice web site. Paula came over this weekend and I promised I would give you an update on my situation. At the request of my personal trainer I would like to be sent to the Momars minor league system. Due to Volleyball, a new baby, and kidney disease I have many more demands on my time and energy these days. I would love to be called up from the minors on those nights when you guys are short players and in desperate need of a half-assed pitcher/right fielder/.150 hitter. Please keep me on the mailing list, though. I like to keep up and know what's going on in the Momars community. I wouldn't be offended if you wanted to retire my numberr or hang my jersey from the Momars Hall of Fame rafters.

Talk soon,


April 15 1999.

Dear Momar Softball Organisation ( MSO ), Rich Olson, and Lucy Stearns

As a devoted fan I don't think that anything should be out of line in your contract negotiations with Rich "Stupidstar" Olson (I mean "Superstar"). All of his devoted fans feel that there should be no beer "OPTION" but that this section of his contract should be GUARANTEED/MANDATORY because as we see it, "What good is Rich without beer?"

I used to play ball with Rich when he was in his prime and the man is superhuman without his beer. The man's physical resources are too remarkable for us normal human beings. With R"SS"O a little in the bag, it helps bring his numerous talents down to level that most normal human athletes can only dream of which enables us all to enjoy playing the game and not having to live up to the exploits of one "RICH 'SUPERSTAR' OLSON".


A crazed and devoted Momars fan!!

June 14 1998.

To whom it may concern;

As I was surfing the net I happened upon possibly the best home page I have seen yet. Superb writing and up to date scores makes it about as exciting as ever. I have a special interest in this page because I was once a player on this fine team. I am the younger brother of Paula "I show up when I can" Halbach. I was a part of the 94' team in which we had a fine year. Since my one year contract, and being picked up off of the waver line by a mens team in Albert Lea, I have always remembered my roots in Minneapolis. I play 3 nights a week and nearly every weekend in a tournament somewhere or another. I am the player/manager/coach of "The Bend in the Road" mens team otherwise known as "The Bend". (The Bend in the Road is a small bar outside of Albert Lea that sponsors us well. We sponsor it well too!!) We are the defending league champions in Albert Lea. I also play on a co-ed team on Friday nights. We finished 4th in the state tournament last year and plan on winning it all this year at the state tournament in Richfield. This team is by no comparison the caliber of team that Momars is. I wish you all the best of luck. Now after my resume I have one request. I would like to take a night away from Albert Lea and return to the big city for one more game, that of course if I am invited. I have bookmarked the Momars home page and will visit it regularily.

Good luck and God Bless!!

Mark "Halbie" Halbach #6

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