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May 17, 2011.  Week 4.

Coming up just a couple runs short in week three, Momars were eager to get on the field and show that last week was a fluke.  A few Momars met at JJ's Clubhouse for a little pre-game warm up.  Knowing that the theme for the late night contest was Poncho Deano Tequila Revisited Night, Dean "Poncho" Heller came well prepared to celebrate. 

José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, better known as Pancho Villa  


As fate would have it, the Thursday night dinner special at JJ's Clubhouse just so happened to be tacos.  This surely must have been a good sign for Momars.

There was some concern that playing in a poncho and sombrero might impede Ponchos ability to play the game at his full potential. Cory "Pappy" Sommer was concerned that "the hat might slow Dean down".  

Rachel "Rach" Kissiah was quick to point out that Momars has no cause to worry because "Dean runs like a ballerina" anyway.

Poncho was not going to let any of those smart-ass comments stop him, for he was determined to take the field in his "Shmedium Can Cun" poncho. 

It was apparent that Poncho had acquired his snappy cover when he was a slightly smaller softball player.

Dean "Deano" Heller getting primed up for "Poncho Deano Tequila Revisited Night"

Jerel "The Twin" Norton and Lisa "USA" Norton managed to find an ice machine this week and had the "Big Red" Momars beverage cooler cleaned and full of ice cold beverages.

LaVern "Sailor" Hericks wasted no time on the mound and struck out the first Heavy Hitter batter. After a lone single, Rick "Rookie" Williamson shuffled a grounder to Cheri "Moonshine" Anderson and Matt "Clutch" Welage ran down an infield popup and Momars quickly were going to step up to the plate and start taking their own hacks.

Rachel started the night off with a solid single to left but was doubled off when the Heavy Hitter second base person made a great catch on a sharply hit ball by Mark "New Guy" Riley.  
Julie "Southpaw" Hanken
started things back up with a nice single to right and Poncho whacked a nice double to left, but to third and second was as close as Momars was going to get to scoring in their first inning at the dish.

After a quick couple outs, Heavy Hitters managed to get a ball past all the Momars fielders and scratch out two runs.  Moonshine seemed to be so disgusted with Momars play that she called off Poncho on the next fly ball for the third out of the inning.

Rookie started the Momars half of the second with a three pitch walk.  Usa moved Rookie to third and Clutch punched a ball toward second that proved too much to handle collecting the first RBI of the night for MomarsMomars managed to load the bases but sadly a popup to the pitcher ended the threat and a big inning.

Momars defense was solid in the third in inning. After a high fly ball to Rach for the first out, Momars shortstop Rookie scooped up a couple ground balls and forced out two Heavy Hitter base runners unassisted in a row to get the Momars fielders of the field and their bats back in the batter's box.

New Guy slapped a single to left to lead off the Momars half of the fourth inning.  Southpaw walked her way on to first base and Poncho punched in New Guy with a hard knock to left for the game tying run.  Rookie then lofted one high and deep and was able to circle and clear the bases. Usa, Clutch and Jill "Willa" Aitchison all hit singles to load the bases.  Sailor grounded into a force out but managed to push a run across. After Rach took a free pass to first, New Guy poked one to right allowing two more Momars base runners to reach home safely.  Momars totaled seven runs in inning and batted around for the first time this young season.  Could this be Poncho Corona maraca magic?

Poncho Corona
Poncho Corona

But Heavy Hitters were not going to go away silently.  They managed to score four runs before Sailor finally got a Heavy Hitter to foul out for the first out of the inning.  The next batter managed to reach on shaky Momars fielding to load the bases.  A very fortuitous infield fly rule out and a sweet Sailor strike out managed to hold back the flood gates and limit the damage.

But Momars first two batters in the bottom of the fourth did little.  Rookie doubled and shoddy Heavy Hitter fielding allowed Usa and Clutch to make it possible for Rookie to score the lone run in the Momar fourth.

Tom "Sparky" Mattox decided it was time to get the amigos sitting on the bench sucking down the cervezas into the game and on to the field.  Whether this was a good idea or not is debatable. Heavy Hitters connected on back to back singles in the top of the fifth before flying out twice to Rach in left.  But one more single, meant one more run to the Heavy Hitter total.  But Sailor wanted more too and managed to strike out the next batter for the third out of the inning.

Sailor started the inning with a walk and decided he did not need a runner. Rach followed and singled placing runners on the corners.  Sparky slapped a shot to short that the Heavy Hitter fielder bobbled and made Sparky run out down to first to be called out.  Southpaw followed with another shot to short but the runners were able to advance and score.  Then Poncho started the hit parade with a two out double.  Alan "Books" Cochran did not know, but he was about to get busy.  Moonshine reached. Rookie and Usa singled.  The Twin drove a double. Jilla singled in another couple Momars.  Seven more to the Momars tally.

Then the Heavy Hitters awoke and lived up to their name.  Hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, before the first out.  Heavy Hitters kept on hitting and kept Momars fielders running around and Books pencil getting shorter and shorter.  But a sharp grounder to Pappy and an on target toss to The Twin created the second out of the inning.  And the Hitters kept coming.  Hit, hit, hit, HOMERUN!  With the bases clear, Pappy and The Twin connected again to get Momars out of the inning.  But Heavy Hitters had scored eleven more runs and now were leading by two.

Momars preparing for a little Anejo If there ever was a time for a little Poncho Power now was the time.

Rach started things off with a walk.  Sparky doubled to put the tying run at second.  Southpaw connected with a double of her own collecting two RBI and tying the game.

TEQUILA! Matt, Tom, Mark, Cheri, Dean, Lisa, Jerel, Cory, Rachel and Ryan 

And now it was Poncho Power time and Poncho delivered with a hit to the outfield that allowed Southpaw, running all the way, to score on a close play at home.

Ah yes... another Momars victory.  Oh how sweet it is..

Dave "Momar" Darr was quoted as saying, "Always trust your cape." TEQUILA!

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Momars 0 1 7 1 7 3 - - - 19

Final Score:
 Heavy Hitters 18 - Momars 19 

Momars 2012 Record: 2-1
Week two was rained out.

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